Presentation of Adoptable Horses Saves More Horses

Our presentation of adoptable horses was a great success. Several horses were adopted after our presentation in June so we had room to take in more horses. First I was told about a horse that was found tied to a tree on an abandoned property. She was mangled up in her rope which caused sores on her legs and the halter on her nose was so tight it might have caused damage to the cartilage. We worked with San Diego animal control to get her to Heavenly Horse Haven for rehabilitation. We are waiting for the swelling to go down and hope nothing is broken. She is 8 years old and we named her Topaz.  She was very scared at first when you approached her but that has changed now. She already knows that we are here to help her and not to hurt her. Topaz was very skinny and had rain rot all over her back. This one will take time to get over the trauma of being stuck to a tree but I can see a great horse emerging.


Next I was told about a mini horse named "Pistol Annie" that was in Crestline and needed a place to go. Her owner that raised her and loved her was an older man who could no longer afford her board. Pistol Annie is here and after she had a visit with our hair stylist she seems to fit in quite nicely.


Then I was called by Shirley Puga. Shirley is a wonderful lady and in addition to her work with the National Equine Resource Network, she tries to save as many horses as possible from a feedlot in Fallen, Nevada. Shirley said she was trying to find a place for a middle aged Mustang to save her from being sent to the slaughter house. After talking with Shirley, I said we would take her sight unseen. We needed to raise $1,000 to save her and in one day we did it!  A special "Thank You" goes to all of you that donated to save her. Your donations paid for her meat value, vaccinations, and transportation to get her here.


It's a ten hour drive from Fallen so when she arrived the lucky feedlot Mustang was tired and hungry. The first thing I thought when I saw her was I am going to name her Pink. Why Pink?


Well first off she is pink and everyone that knows me knows that I love pink. Pink is a modern day Survival term. Pink stands for strong and pink stands for an army of people getting involved to help a cause. Nowadays so many of these horses are getting saved due to Facebook and the Internet. Why this means so much to me, several years ago I lost my big sister to breast cancer. If that would have been now she would probably be a pink survivor.  Pink is 19 years strong and the rest of her life will be the best time of her life… Guaranteed!

~ Gina

Pink Topaz Pistol Annie

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