A Rescue Horse Cinderella Story

Emily, our volunteer that was granted a one year dressage scholarship with Denise Nelson-Finster at DAAN Sporthorses, is doing very well. Denise has been so impressed that she has offered a rescue horse the chance to train with Emily and be a top level dressage horse. But which horse?


Chianti is a young French Arabian horse that came to Heavenly Horse Haven eight months ago. She was a race horse so slowing her down was the first thing that had to happen. Gina started riding her several times a week and was so impressed with how fast she would learn new things. She is naturally a beautiful mover; this girl was born to dance. Gina told Denise about her and she said, "bring her over, I would like to see her." Chianti thrilled Denise and so she was chosen to train with Emily. We think she will be ready for showing by December.


Wow, a rescue horse with a Cinderella story book ending! Denise is kind enough to donate her time for the training and transportation to the shows but we need to raise funds to pay for the show fees. If you would like to donate to help Emily and Chianti or sponsor them please contact me. Also Emily & Chianti will be showing off what they have learned at our annual chili cook-off. Click here for details.

Denise Emily and Chianti

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